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Monday, May 18, 2015
San Diego, CA

T2 Energy, a producer of algae-derived commodities today announced it has been selected by Autodesk to participate in the company’s Cleantech Partner Program, which provides qualified companies with free* access to Autodesk software and training to help accelerate commercialization of clean technologies.

T2 Energy produces algae-based products in a closed loop system that guarantees higher quality, purer oils and biomass. These high performing, sustainable oils and proteins are produced at price parity with today’s fossil, ocean, plant and poultry-based incumbents and can be used in a range of products including Omega-3 oils, biodiesel, bio-gasoline, bio-jet fuel, bio-chemicals and more.

“Autodesk is clearly ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to fostering sustainability around the globe,” said Mark Randall, founder and CEO of T2 Energy. “Not just the software but the training and support will help T2 Energy accelerate our growth as we commercialize our algae technology. Autodesk’s program is a huge asset for us.”

Cleantech innovators are creating solutions to address the world’s epic challenges. To support their work, the Autodesk Cleantech Partner Program provides qualified companies with access to up to US$150,000** worth of Digital Prototyping software for free.*

The program is currently available in North AmericaAustraliaChina, Europe (English/German), Hong KongIsraelJapanNew Zealand and Singapore. Using digital prototypes, Cleantech pioneers can design, visualize, and simulate groundbreaking ideas. This ability allows them to test multiple concepts and reduce costly errors, getting to market faster


*Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license and services agreement that accompanies the software.

Company Information: 

Founded in San Diego, Calif. in 2012, T2 Energy develops algae-based technologies that transform wastewater and carbon dioxide into a range of end products, including biofuels, biochemical, nutraceuticals, animal feed and others that compete on price and quality with today’s incumbents.  The company partners with municipalities, utilities and others to develop projects that reduce emissions, remediate waste streams and create economic development in communities. More information is available at

Media Contact: 

John Williams, Scoville PR for T2 Energy, 206-625-0075