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The versatility of algae is unmatched by any other crop. The oils within cells of algae can be used to make products that touch almost every aspect of our lives, from the Omega-3 fatty acids our bodies need to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, lubricants, and even renewable transportation fuels like diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.

Algal biomass can be used as a nutritious feed or food ingredient that can be produced sustainably, using land and water resources many times more efficiently than any other type of agriculture.

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Nutraceutical Oils

The Omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) play crucial roles during growth and development in children as well as in heart, brain, and eye health in adults.  

The demand for Omega-3s is expanding dramatically as more people learn of the health benefits, but there have been serious sustainability and health questions about the supply.  

We have traditionally harvested oceanic fish that are naturally high in Omega-3s, but pressures on the oceans from overfishing and climate change mean that we must find new sources of these vital nutrients.  In addition to accumulating Omega-3 from their diet, fish accumulate lead, mercury, PCBs, radioactive wastes, and other contaminants that need to be removed before their Omega-3 oils are ready for human consumption.

The cleanest and most sustainable source for Omega-3s? The same source that fish use: algae!

T2 Energy’s closed-loop system produces algae that are completely free of contaminants, and in conditions that are much more sustainable than relying on over-pressured oceanic ecosystems.

T2 Energy has identified wild strains of saltwater algae producing EPA and DHA as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 – helping to provide a more robust family of fatty acids necessary for optimal human health and performance.

Our algae-derived Omega-3s are also perfectly suited for vegetarian diets and are GMO-free. The final product is of the highest purity and quality.

T2 Energy’s omega-3 products are suitable for high-concentration supplements as well as food additives.  


T2 Energy grows and harvests a strain of algae that responds beautifully to our growth enhancer, producing medium chain triglyceride oils (C-16s and C-18s) that are extremely valuable for use in chemical and fuel markets. These medium chain length fatty acids have many applications as raw materials for vinyl, motor oil, paint, adhesives, cosmetics, and other polymers that can be used in a wide variety of plastics.

Using algae as a source of these products is a sustainable and all-natural way to make the things we need for everyday life without using synthetic ingredients or derivatives from crude oil that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming.

T2 Energy anticipates significant demand for sustainably produced medium chain length fatty acids and related oils as consumers and governments demand safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Feeds and Proteins

The oil to biomass ratio of T2 Energy’s algae is nearly 50/50.  The biomass that remains after oil extraction has many uses, including as a feed for livestock such as cows, pigs, chickens and in aquaculture, an extremely fast growing domestic market.

This feed is highly nutritious, high in protein and can be produced in our closed-loop system without the massive quantities of freshwater or farmland that is needed to grow soy, corn or other feeds.

The result for farmers is livestock that is healthier, more attractive to consumers and more competitive in today’s market.


T2 Energy’s algae also produce a large proportion of monounsaturated medium chain length fatty acids which are excellent for applications in biofuels, and can be processed into biodiesel as well as all of the fuels that are used in modern transportation.

T2 Energy is making advancements that will enable us to process our microalgae oils into renewable fuels at prices comparable to fossil fuels. This system, once fully deployed, will enable us to produce gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and other raw materials necessary for the biochemical industry at cost far below any current option, anywhere in the world.